I’m Jack Baruth, and this is Jackass… no, wait, it’s Avoidable Contact Forever!

This is the page where I try to sell you on being a subscriber to “ACF”. Compared to some of the truly great Substacks out there, ACF doesn’t have much to recommend it. No insider political analysis, no hot takes to perfectly confirm your existing biases, no advice on living in New York City — I was glad to move out — or thriving on a farm —I’m not sure I’m thriving!

The best way to think of this site is like so: I write it for smart people in general and smart men of a certain age (as the French say) in particular.

Here at ACF, we talk about:

  • A reality-based approach to cars, motorcycles, and the media stupidity that surrounds them, including insider information available nowhere else

  • Amateur and entry-level pro motorsports minus the hype and deceit

  • Music and culture

  • Tech, science, math, pattern recognition

  • Made-in-the-USA items

  • Parenting, particularly father/son parenting

  • and, as they say, more!

I’ve been writing for publication of one sort or another since 1993. You may remember me from:

  • Road&Track

  • The Truth About Cars

  • Bicycling, Bicycles Today, various BMX zines

  • Esquire, Popular Mechanics, other Hearst publications

  • The Washington Examiner

  • Watch Journal, Surface, and other lifestyle/horological stuff

  • The Erotic Adventures Of Hercules — no, wait, that’s Troy McClure.

After fifteen years in automotive journalism, I’ve gored enough oxen and angered enough executives/PR people/wannabe influencers/automakers to have nowhere else to go in the business. Nowhere, that is, except here. I can’t express to you how thrilling it is to no longer have anyone harshing my authorial buzz.

When you subscribe, you’ll get access to over 1,600 full-length features that I’ve written over the past twelve years, plus everything that’s happening now. I engage with each and every commenter and reader. I don’t block or silence my critics.

Take a look around. Read a bit — over a thousand articles are available for free. I hope you’ll make the decision to join.

Oh, one more thing. When you do join, you’ll see an option for Trackday Club. That’s just like a regular membership, except I’ll help you become a faster driver at a racetrack and time that works for both of us. It can be a lot of fun, if you don’t get us both killed.

Thank you for reading. Contrary to what you might read on the Internet, I don’t have a trust fund. My son and I are supported by your subscriptions. We are grateful. Well, I’m grateful. You know how kids are.

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